Back to the Basics: Compressor Condensate Management

Does your company take advantage of compressed air? Are you using appropriate compressor condensate management or an oil water separator? Let’s go back to the basics of compressed air in your company.

What is Compressed Air?

Compressed air is air that has been compressed to a pressure that is higher than the atmospheric pressure. It is also air that occupies a smaller space than normal. Around the house, compressed air is used in spray canned air fresheners and outdoor insect foggers. It is also used to fill up the tires on your car. In an even simpler form, air is compressed when it fills up a balloon. Let go of that balloon and you will get a small idea of the energy compressed air can produce.

Use of Compressed Air in Business

Compressed air is a common way to get work done in a wide variety of companies. Auto mechanic shops use compressed air to power air tools. Compressed air is used in construction, hospitals and production facilities. It is so popular because it is provides a powerful and uniform source of power that is dependable.

How is Compressed Air Measured?

Compressed air is measured in PSIG (Pounds Per Square Inch Gage) and CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute). This allows users and those manufacturing products who utilize compressed air to manage it and have expectations for its power. It is important to have the appropriate equipment for your particular needs.

Managing Compressed Air

Proper maintenance is critical when using compressed air. One of the most important issues is condensate management. Condensate management is so vital for two major reasons. The first is that air compressors produce waste oil which will eventually damage the equipment. The second reason is that condensate management is an environmental issue that is regulated by the EPA. Improper condensate management can lead to severe fines and expensive environmental restoration costs. Therefore, It is in your best interest to have appropriate condensate management procedures in place to keep your expensive equipment running properly, while staying within EPA compliance.

The Clean Resources Solution

Clean Resources specializes in condensate management. Our state of the art oil water separators are easy to use, simple to maintain, and are designed to far exceed EPA standards. Contact us and learn how our proprietary systems can help you better maintain your equipment and stay compliant.



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