Enterprises TV talks Compressor Condensate with Clean Resources

A few months ago, Clean Resources had the wonderful opportunity to host a film crew from Enterprises TV. Enterprises TV takes a closer look at some great small, medium and global companies and the innovative products they are bringing to the marketplace. This segment will now be aired on the Fox Business Network, this Saturday, August 22, 2015. Catch the segment at these following times: 3:30 PM ET, 2:30 PM CT, 1:30 PM MT, 12:30 PM PT.

During the segment, Mike Holtvluwer, President of Clean Resources, was interviewed on why a company using compressors needs an oil water separator and how a Clean Resources oil water separator operates. If your company uses compressors, this is important viewing that explains the compressor condensate problem and the Clean Resources solution. You can watch it here, click on the picture below or tune in on Saturday.