Meet our New Mini Unit

Clean Resources has been working hard the past several months to revolutionize our offerings to our customers. This month we are proud to officially announce the addition of the new MINI to our line of Clean Resources Products. The unit has been available for several months but we wanted to make a company statement introducing this new product offering to you.

New Features to Clean Resources coming to you soon, we will stay in contact over the next month to proactively communicate these features!

* Please note that beginning July 1, 2016 brass barb fittings will no longer be provided and the 25′ of braided hose will no longer ship with new units.  Field feedback has discovered that these components were not part of the installation process in most applications.


“The MINI”

This unit is specifically designed for the sub 50 HP market.  This model will work in 50 HP applications if they are running less than 24/7 production.

Economical Price Point – This model has been priced to compete to get as many customers in EPA compliance as possible.

Quick Installation – The factory installed internal decompression chamber allows for direct plumbing of pressurized lines to the unit.

Lightweight – UPS & FedEx Shipping

Please contact us with any questions or if you need or (800) 566-0402