Reliable Oil Water Separation from Air Compressor to Discharge Point

If you are operating an air compressor for your business, you are producing compressor condensate. Compressor condensate is the oil/water mixture that compressors produce, and that fluid can be a challenge to deal with. You see, compressors produce a surprising amount of condensate. Disposing of this condensate in storm sewers, city sewers or in or on the ground is illegal and can produce punitive results from the EPA. The damages levied can include fines, plant shutdown, and even include the costs of site remediation.

Traditional Oil Water Separators

Traditional oil water separators are usually a gravity or flotation separator. Through the years, however, these types of separators have proven to be unreliable and expensive to use. When it comes to the oil left in the water after separation, the EPA has a strict guideline of a maximum of 40 parts per million. Relying on an old-fashioned oil water separator to adhere to these guidelines can be risky.

A Better Idea: Reliable Oil Water Separation

Clean Resources has a better, more reliable idea. Our oil water separator CRP units don’t rely on gravity or flotation devices. Instead, they use a proprietary silicate media that binds to oil while it repels the water. This media is so efficient at binding and retaining the oil, it can be disposed of using traditional waste disposal systems, without being a threat to groundwater. In the process, our CRP Paks clean the water to less than 10 ppm of oil, which are near un-measurable levels. They far exceed the levels to be EPA compliant. The remaining water is pure enough to simply pour down a drain.

Benefits of Our CRP Paks

Manufactured in the United States, our CRP Paks are reliable. They are designed to minimize maintenance and clean up. They don’t use a pump and no electricity is required. They work equally well with all compressor oils in a variety of temperatures and humidity levels. CRP Paks are now making over 10,000 compressor rooms EPA compliant. They have become so popular because they are easy to install, simple to maintain and are 100% effective.  The fact that they help protect the environment is also a powerful factor in the increasing popularity of our CRP Paks.

Learn More!

If you would like to learn more about better managing your compressor condensate, contact Clean Resources. We will be happy to explain further about our innovative oil/water separators and how our CRP and CRP IDC Paks can bring you into EPA compliance and give you peace of mind. Contact Clean Resources today!


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