What do I do if the water is not running through the unit?

  1. Check to make sure the drain hose is running downhill to the drain.
  2. Make sure the drain hose is not kinked or obstructed in any way.
  3. If the hose goes into the drain make sure the water level in the drain is not so high that water is causing back pressure.
  4. In some rare occasions, based on plant air, mold could grow on the top of the media bed inside the unit. In this case, pour a quarter cup of bleach into the unit.
  5. If the unit is not primed the media bed could harden. Consult factory for instruction.

What do I do if there is premature breakthrough?

If the unit is not primed the media bed could harden. Consult factory for instruction.

Is it normal that there is a whistling noise coming out of the unit?

The whistling noise is the result of one or more of your auto drains being stuck in the open position. Repair or replace the malfunctioning drain.

Can CRP Paks be used in temperatures below 32 degrees?

Yes they can, with these precautions: Use heat tape, insulated tape wrap and an insulated blanket around the unit. All lines must be covered and kept above 32 degrees all the way to the sewer drain.

What is the size and number of inlets?

CRP-IDC Inlet hub has 5 – .25 brass hose barb inlets

DC-207A has 6 -.25 hose barbs

Can you tell me the sizing applications?



How do I dispose of a spent pak?

In most areas CRP/CRP-IDC Paks can be disposed via your normal waste pick up, as it is non- hazardous waste.

In the event your local waste hauler or landfill will not accept your spent CRP/CRP-IDC Pak(s). We are excited to offer a green end of life process for your spent oil/water separator. Extensive research illuminated an alternative to disposal giving life to an environmentally responsible product. The oil and media will be repurposed for energy using the waste as a fuel source for heat. Once the units are recycled a certificate of assurance will be made out for users that utilize the recycling process which relieves and transfers liability of the oil.

Our program can be utilized at www.recycleoilsep.com.

How do you ship your products?

CRP / CRP-IDC Paks are banded to a pallet and ship via common carrier.  We will ship Bestway Prepaid, or via your preferred carrier Collect or Third party when instructed.   FOB Batavia IL

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