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Our Story

For more than 20 years, Clean Resources has stood as the pre-eminent environmental leader in oil-water condensate separators for the compressed air industry. Clean Resources primary objective—provide 100% flawless oil-water filtration products.

unmatched filtration


Our Vision

We focus on ONE thing—oil-water condensate separation—period! Our innovative approach has taken compressor condensate management to an extraordinary level while maintaining strict environmental guidelines.

unmatched filtration

unmatched filtration


Our Solutions

Clean Resources has engineered proprietary products that work
with ALL compressor lubricants and are the single most efficient oil-water separators
on the market.

Our products have prevented millions of acres of contamination, made over 100,000 compressor rooms EPA compliant, and saved customers millions in fines.

unmatched filtration


Our Impact

Our commitment to global sustainability allows the production of environmentally responsible products that respect our natural resources, decrease landfill usage and provide for clean water supplies for generations to come.

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unmatched filtration
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