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Top 8 Tips for Condensate Management

post date: 7/18/2022

If your company uses air compressors, condensate management is critical for several reasons. Contaminants like oxides, water, and small particles build up and can cause serious internal damage and premature wear. They can create clogging and rust. It is also essential that this contaminated condensate is disposed of properly. This is not just important for the environment, but it keeps your organization within EPA guidelines.

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How does the Clean Resources Return Program work?

post date: 7/12/2022

Most people would count themselves as those who participate in recycling in their everyday lives, reusing either soda cans or plastic water bottles rather than dumping them in the trash. Do your part for the environment at work as well with the Clean Resources Recycle Program for spent oil-water separators and reduce waste.

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Support American-Made Products with Clean Resources Oil-Water Separators

post date: 7/5/2022

The 4th of July weekend evokes pride for many Americans across our great country as we celebrate our freedom and independence as a nation.

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Is There the Presence of Algae Growth?

post date: 6/29/2022

There is so much to look forward to in the summer months of the year: spending time outside, plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures, and… increased algae growth?

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EPA Compliant Oil-Water Separators with Minimal Maintenance

post date: 7/9/2020

One of the features our clients appreciate is the low maintenance these units require. Not only are they easy to install, but once installed, they simply perform their job, …

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Condensate Removal that is EPA Compliant and Economical

post date: 7/6/2020

Are you making resolutions for your company for 2020 and beyond? If your organization uses air compressors to help accomplish your work, you should resolve to make your compressor room EPA compliant.

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Who Must Comply With EPA Oil Management?

post date: 7/3/2020

The Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972, The Clean Water Act of 1977, and the Water Quality Control Act of 1987 all give the EPA authority to regulate pollutants, including oils, across the country.

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Are Clean Resources Oil-Water Separators Proven in the Field?

post date: 7/1/2020

When potential customers read about our units, there is a tendency for them to view this innovative technology as new development.

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