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post date: 7/5/2022

The 4th of July weekend evokes pride for many Americans across our great country as we celebrate our freedom and independence as a nation. You and your company can support American businesses and products made in the US using Clean Resources oil-water separators (OWS) for your condensate management needs. Our products are 100% made in the United States, providing numerous advantages to help make our oil-water separators the most effective active molecular filtration system in the industry.

By using Clean Resources oil-water separators, you can be assured that you are helping to support American business and manufacturing. Whether purchasing the IDC Series, MICRO Series, or SUPER-PAK Series, Clean Resources oil-water separators comply with the Buy American Act, meaning all our products are manufactured and produced right here in the US. Our manufacturing and shipping warehouse located in Batavia, Ill., provides jobs to Americans and helps boost our country’s economy. Since all our products are produced domestically, you can be assured that our oil-water separator units will be consistently manufactured with the highest quality that keeps their effectiveness throughout their useful life. After all, that is why the Clean Resources slogan is “Engineered for Life.”

In addition, ordering oil-water separators from a Clean Resources Distributor will help save your company money and benefit the environment. Like many industries in a post-pandemic world, shipping and freight charges have sharply increased in recent months. Shorter shipping routes by ordering domestically will decrease your overall costs when purchasing Clean Resources oil-water separators. Our warehouse is centrally located in the Midwest, making it easy and accessible to ship our products from coast to coast.

Being environmentally friendly has been a core principle of the Clean Resources mission statement for more than 20 years. It is a part of our company’s DNA in every facet of our business. Our products shipping within the United States is advantageous to the environment by not needing overseas shipping routes. Shorter shipping routes mean fewer emissions emitted into the atmosphere, and you will receive your products quickly after ordering – a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Clean Resources is proud to produce American-made products of the highest quality for all our customers. Make a statement that you support American manufacturing, and reach out to your Clean Resources sales representative today!

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