Are Clean Resources Oil Water Separators Proven in the Field?

post date: 7/1/2020

When potential customers read about our units, there is a tendency for them to view this innovative technology as new development. They frequently ask us if our Clean Resources oil-water separators are proven in the field. They may find it hard to believe that while the EPA has set 40 parts per million thresholds on compressor condensate, our units remove oil to less than 10 ppm, an amount so small, most measuring devices can't even detect the level. They may find it challenging to accept how our units can be this effective and yet easy to use. They may also view our 100% guarantee as a lure to get them to try technology that hasn't been quite proven. They would be mistaken.

Not only are our Clean Resources oil-water separators 100% guaranteed, but we can also make that guarantee simply because they work. We sold over 3,600 units last year alone. We are proud of our impressive 97% customer retention rate. Are we proven in the field? To date, over 30,000 compressor rooms have become EPA compliant using our Clean Resources units.

You don't even have to just take our word for it. Our customers say it best. Philip C. tells us, "We have been using Clean Resources units for 15 years, and as a heavily government-regulated industry, these units have passed every stringent environmental audit."

Bob W. has been using Clean Resources units for over three years. He says, "Before we switched to your units, we had trouble with our oil-water separators overflowing, and changing the filters was a nightmare. Since we installed these units we have had no problems."

Tommy M. says simply: "Best oil-water separator I have ever dealt with. We have switched all our plants to Clean Resources units."

Our Smart-Pak series may be the latest generation of oil water separators, but they are engineered with the same Clean Resources DNA that was first formed in 1997. Our team has over 50 years of experience in this area. Our company was created with the singular goal of providing trouble-free oil-water separation for those in the compressed air and environmental markets. Our focus is paying off in a growing customer base who is discovering our "new" technology that is far exceeding industry standards. Our units have been proven effective with diester-based lubricants, PAO-based lubricants, glycol-based lubricants, hydraulic lubricants, food-grade lubricants, and mineral-based lubricants. It continues to be proven effective with every sale. That is thousands of times each year.

While we appreciate the fact that people view our oil-water separators as cutting edge in the industry, it is not technology that is unproven or untested. Just the opposite. That being said, we still understand and appreciate the "Are they proven in the field?" questions. We take it as a compliment that there would be questions concerning a product that has been so efficient and effective. Contact us to find out more about our field-proven CRP units backed by our 100% guarantee.

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