Are Clean Resources Oil-Water Separators EPA Compliant?

post date: 6/11/2020

In our Frequently Asked Questions section, we have provided some quick, simple, and straightforward answers to the questions we get most often. For those who want a little more in-depth information, we have created a series of blogs that go more in-depth.

One of our most asked questions is: "Are your oil-water separators EPA compliant?" To more extensively answer the question, let's first take a look at the EPA, its mission, and the power they have.

The Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972, The Clean Water Act of 1977, and the Water Quality Act of 1987 give the EPA the power to regulate pollutants that may get into the ground and water. But even their website says their goal is not just managing spills and pollutants, but in preventing issues from arising. The EPA website states, "Although we can do a lot to clean up pollution after it's in the environment, preventing pollution in the first place is even better. Learn what you can do to protect the environment in your home, workplace, and community." The EPA has the authority to make sure POTENTIAL problems are being appropriately managed.

As a federal agency, the EPA can levy significant fines for companies that are not in compliance with their myriad of regulations. When it comes to compressor condensate, the threshold of acceptance is 40 parts per million. Simply put, condensate that measures 41 ppm or more could incur a fine.

Oil-water separators that target that 40 ppm threshold may not be good enough. As the unit ages, it may not separate quite as well. Then, there's the possibility that in the future, regulations could become stricter. Municipalities currently have the power to manipulate the levels based on their local ability to treat wastewater. In some municipalities, the standard is as low as 10 ppm.

At Clean Resources, we don't believe that just getting to the 40 ppm level of EPA compliance is good enough. Our units get compressor condensate to under 10 ppm. That is a level so minuscule; most devices can't even measure it.

Our units use a proprietary media blend that attracts and binds to the oil while it repels water. There is virtually no possibility of groundwater contamination from the spent media. The separated water can easily and safely be disposed into a storm sewer or floor drain. Over 10,000 compressor rooms are using our technology to remain EPA compliant, and we have a 97% retention rate. Ours is a proven condensate management system that is 100% guaranteed.

If EPA compliance is high on your list of concerns when choosing an oil-water separator, we invite you to learn more about Clean Resources Condensate management products.

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