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post date: 6/1/2020

Compressors are used in just about all types of companies and industries. They are used to power tools in an auto shop, and in hospitals. Compressors are working in large factories and small woodworking shops. They all have at least one thing in common; a potential compressor condensate problem.

Compressor condensate is the result of lubricants mixing with water while the compressor is in use. This is a serious waste product, and the EPA has strict standards on its management and disposal. Each gallon of compressor condensate has the potential to pollute up to four acres of groundwater. With tens of thousands of compressors in use, you can see the significance of the issue.

The traditional ways of managing compressor condensate have been through the gravitational oil-water separator system. These flotation devices are not very effective in removing emulsified, glycol-based, or non-synthetic lubricants. These types of oil-water separators can frequently clog and spill due to mold growth, and even e-coli bacteria can form on the water’s surface.

Boil-off systems have been used to boil off the water in compressor condensate, leaving behind the contaminate. This is a messy process that is expensive due to its high energy use. Of course, you can always have compressor condensate hauled away by a licensed hazardous waste contractor and let them dispose of it. This, however, is your most expensive option.

Clean Resources has discovered a better way to handle compressor condensate. It is a system that is so effective in removing oily contaminates from condensate that once it passes through the system, the water is so clean and clear it can go directly into any drain. Our units use a proprietary filtrate that repels water, while at the same time it attracts and bonds securely with the oily contaminates. It bonds so securely with contaminates that once drained, it can be disposed of as non-hazardous special waste. In some circumstances, where landfills won’t accept spent PAKS, Clean Resources will help arrange for their disposal.

The result is clean and clear condensate management that far exceeds EPA standards. We’ve already made over 10,000 compressor rooms EPA compliant, and we can do the same for you. Contact us and let’s discuss the size and scope of your compressor condensate issue. We’ll show you how Clean Resources condensate management can get, and keep your company EPA compliant.

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