Condensate Removal that is EPA Compliant and Economical

post date: 7/6/2020

Are you making resolutions for your company for 2020 and beyond? If your organization uses air compressors to help accomplish your work, you should resolve to make your compressor room EPA compliant.

What is Condensate Removal?

Your air compressors produce condensate that is an oil-water mix. This fluid needs to be disposed of properly. There are a variety of oil-water separators on the market that can accomplish the task, but the oil that is separated still needs to be disposed of properly. The water that is left must be clean to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved levels before it can be disposed of in a drain or sewer.

Many traditional processes are unreliable, unwieldy, and costly. There is a way, however, to become Condensate Removal that is EPA Compliant and Economical that is both practical and economical.

What is EPA Compliance?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is charged with regulating and monitoring pollution in the United States. This includes making sure groundwater is safe and protected. One of the more significant threats to groundwater is waste oil that works its way through the ground or via our streams and sewers. A gallon of waste oil can pollute an entire acre of groundwater.

This is why the EPA has such strict rules on wastewater like compressor condensate. EPA regulations state that compressor condensate must be clean to 40 parts per million of oil before it can be disposed of through a drain or sewer.

Reaching EPA Levels and Beyond, Affordably

Clean Resources offers an innovative process that can help your compressor room become EPA compliant affordably. It is a process that is simple and effective in its design, but remarkably efficient in water/oil separation.

Our IDC, Smart-Pak, and Micro series units do not use pumps or electricity. Instead, they use a proprietary media bed that captures the oil and locks them in. This media bed is so binding; once used, it can be disposed of with routine waste removal. The remaining water is cleaned to almost un-measurable levels and can be disposed of through a drain.

Best of all, this process is more affordable than you may think. Our product's simple design and low maintenance combined with little or no disposal costs make it an extremely cost-effective way to become EPA compliant.

We invite you to learn more about our oil-water separator products by contacting Clean Resources today. We can help you achieve your 2020 resolution of getting your compressor room EPA compliant and get it done affordably.

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