EPA Compliant Oil-Water Separators with Minimal Maintenance

post date: 7/9/2020

Over the past 40 years, the Environmental Protection Agency has been given increasing power of monitoring and enforcing rules regarding the environment and our groundwater supply. This power is sizeable and far-reaching. Companies who fail to be in EPA compliance can face significant fines and perhaps even be subject to the cost of environmental remediation.

In some instances, regulations are vague, like identifying companies that must be compliant as "Any facility that discharges a harmful quantity of oil." This can be auto mechanics, factories, and fleet owners. It also means companies who use compressors that produce compressor condensate. When it comes to compressor condensate, the EPA is very specific about their acceptable levels. Compliance is a minimum of 40 parts per million. Clean Resources units are designed to deliver less than 10 parts per million, far exceeding these EPA standards. Levels are so low; many instruments can't detect them. Not only are our Products designed to be efficient in oil and water separation, but our units are also created to:

  • Operate efficiently in all conditions
  • Reduce cleanups
  • Reduce costs
  • Work with emulsified and non-emulsified lubricants

One of the features our clients appreciate is the low maintenance these units require. Not only are they easy to install, but once installed, they simply perform their job, using a proprietary media to repel water and attract oil. Once the oil is attracted to this media, it is locked in, making it virtually impossible to harm the environment. This leaves the water clear enough to go down any drain, and the spent media safe enough to be disposed of by your regular waste disposal company.

Our oil water separators work with Organic Esters, Mineral Oils, Phosphate Esters, Synthetic Hydrocarbons, Silicones, Polyglycols, and Semi-Synthetics. You can take comfort in the knowledge that no matter what lubricant is being used in your compressor room, the compressor condensate will be filtered to and beyond EPA compliance with our Clean Resources oil-water separators. You can also feel good knowing it can be done with minimal maintenance. These are some of the reasons we have a 97% customer retention rate.

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