Keeping Your Cool in the Compressor Room

post date: 4/1/2020

Where is your compressor room? In many companies, their compressor room is tucked away in some space that may be unusable for any other purpose. Compressors may share space with HVAC equipment, items in storage, or hot water tanks. Unfortunately, in some cases, this is indicative of the respect, or lack thereof, those compressor rooms receive. Paying attention to your compressor room can result in longer equipment life. In other words, when it comes to your compressor room, keeping your cool can pay big dividends.

Keeping Your Cool

One of the most important aspects of a compressor room is keeping temperatures moderated and ensuring proper ventilation. This may not be as simple as first thought because compressors themselves produce an enormous amount of heat. That means you not only have to deal with the ambient temperature in a compressor room, but you must account for the additional heat the unit or units produce.

There are also internal temperatures to be concerned about. Coolers must be kept clean. High temperatures will break down oils, even the more expensive synthetic ones. Many units may not shut down due to overheating until significant damage is done.

The other issue to consider, in a compressor room, is the additional equipment sharing the space. This equipment may produce heat as well. This is where proper ventilation is so critical. We’ve seen circumstances where heat being dispersed from one piece of gear was being directed far too close to the intake of another. As growing companies add equipment, this can happen more often than you may think.

Upgrading Your Compressor Room

Just because your compressor room has survived the summer doesn’t mean it hasn’t sustained wear or damage. There could still be heat swings ahead. Now is the time to make sure you are giving your equipment its best chance possible to perform. This includes your condensate management program.

At Clean Resources, we specialize in compressor condensate management. This is critical in not only properly maintaining your equipment but in making sure you are within EPA compliance. Our Smart-Pak, IDC, and Micro series need no power and produce no additional heat. Our proprietary media attracts oil and binds it so securely it can be disposed of with your regular waste disposal. Learn more about our innovative, low maintenance, compressor condensate management products by contacting Clean Resources today.

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