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post date: 6/22/2020

At Clean Resources, our compressor condensate management products were created first and foremost to be effective. Our products have been proven in the lab and in the field to exceed EPA standards for compressor condensate, removing contaminants to almost un-measurably small amounts. These products are revolutionizing the oil-water separator industry and helping companies of all sizes meet EPA standards and keep our environment cleaner.

There were also two other goals we had with our units. We wanted them to be easy to use and maintain, and they had to be affordable. Without these factors, we knew we would have a challenge getting companies to use them.

Well, our line of oil-water separators couldn’t be easier to use or maintain. Except for the newly redesigned Super-Pak series, they don’t even use electricity. They practically maintain themselves and are backed with a lifetime warranty. But even with their effectiveness and ease of use and maintenance, one of the most attractive features of our products is how cost-effective disposal is.

Our specially treated aluminosilicate substrate media bed is the key. This is the powerful granular filtering material that repels water and attracts oil. It so solidly bonds with the oil that the cleansed water can be disposed of through your standard drain, and the used material can be disposed of through your routine waste management. Instead of dealing with the expense of managing hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons of oily water each year, our units efficiently and effectively take care of the problem. Because you can dispose of the spent filtrate through your regular waste management provider, you save significantly on disposal costs. In the rare instances where a waste company may not accept the spent filtering material, we will arrange to have them disposed of for you.

Our Clean Resources oil-water separators not only can save you from expensive EPA fines, but they will save you through cost-effective maintenance and operating costs and the elimination of disposal fees.

Whether your company uses one compressor or dozens, you likely have a compressor condensate management problem. Clean Resources solve these problems with innovative products that have helped over 30,000 compressor rooms become EPA compliant. Yours could be next. Contact Clean Resources today and learn more about our full line of products. You will not only find them effective in helping you become EPA compliant but easy to use and maintain. The big payoff, however, is in the cost savings of disposal.

We look forward to discussing our compressor condensate management systems with you soon.

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