Who Must Comply With EPA Oil Management?

post date: 7/3/2020

The Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972, The Clean Water Act of 1977, and the Water Quality Control Act of 1987 all give the EPA authority to regulate pollutants, including oils, across the country. Also, to receive federal funds, many local areas have enacted similar regulations. No matter who has jurisdiction in your specific area, regulations are stringent, and fines can be severe.

In most of these regulations, they identify those who must comply as being "Any facility that discharges a harmful quantity of oil." Companies are liable for significant penalties and may even be responsible for cleanup charges.

So what does the EPA consider to be a "harmful quantity of oil?" The fact is, any amount of oil can be regarded as, by the government, to be "harmful." You see, the EPA considers oil that causes a sheen or discoloration on the water as harmful. That doesn't take much. They are more specific when they say it can be considered harmful at 15 ppm. This would include businesses like service stations, manufacturers, and utility companies.

At Clean Resources, we are focused on compressor condensate management. We have created and engineered oil-water separator technology that makes it easy and affordable for companies to conduct compressor condensate management beyond the expectations of the EPA. Over 30,000 compressor rooms now use our units to ensure they are in compliance.

The Clean Water Act places the threshold of compressor condensate acceptability at 40 parts per million. Clean Resources oil-water separators can get that wastewater to under 10 ppm, and we guarantee it. Our units are filled with a proprietary media that attracts the oil and binds it to the media bed, virtually eliminating the possibility of groundwater contamination from the spent bed. The EPA compliant water can be dumped in storm sewers, and wastewater drains.

If your company uses compressors, getting condensate EPA compliant needs to be neither difficult nor expensive. Facing action from the EPA, however, can be both. Contact Clean Resources and learn more about oil-water separators that work.

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