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Condensate Management with an EPA Compliance Guarantee

Our 100% Guarantee

Clean Resources has set the bar for compressor condensate management. When properly sized, installed, and registered, our systems are guaranteed for 12 months to perform and reduce the contaminants in your compressor condensate to 10 ppm or less*. If your registered unit fails within one year of installation under these conditions, Clean Resources will refund the prorated amount remaining on the warranty.

*Methods tested: EPA1664b, EPA8270, EPA624 & EPA625 EPA8015c

How it Works

We engineered our condensate systems to provide EPA-compliant results. As the condensate from the waste stream drains into the unit through the inlet hub, it comes into contact with our proprietary alumina silicate substrate media. These beds adsorb the lubricant, permanently bonding with the media while repelling the water for clean, easy disposal.

Works With All Compressor Lubricants

It’s simple. Our condensate systems work with all lubricants, not just a few. One product, one solution.